Annual Report


In 1949 the senior officer at Cleethorpes was Superintendent A.M. Tew, in the annual Report of the Chief Constable for Lincolnshire the following points were made:

The up-grading at Cleethorpes of one of the two inspectors to chief inspector, the detective sergeant to detective inspector, and the sergeant in charge of administration to inspector. These proposals were deferred for 12 months.

The staff at Cleethorpes consisted of 68 regular officers and 1 x Auxiliary; there were 2 x police women; 5 x female clerks; 1 x cadet clerk; 1 x full time cleaner and 3 x part time cleaners. There were 2 x patrol cars; 2 x vans and 3 x motor cycles.


The inter-divisional competition for the Cricket Championship shield was won for the first time by Headquarters, who defeated the Cleethorpes division in the final by 128 runs to 43. Thirteen matches were played by the force team, of which 5 were won, 3 drawn and the remainder lost.

In Tennis, Headquarters were also successful in winning, for the first time, the inter-divisional Sup competition, Cleethorpes division being defeated in the final game.

Superintendent A.M. Tew of the Cleethorpes division, represented the force in the National Police Golf Championship at the Royal Lytham St. Anne’s course on the 22nd and 23rd June 1949, and by returning cards of 77 and 79 tied with three other competitors for the first place. After a recount according to the rules , however, he was placed third in the individual championship. Supt. Tew also represented the English police in the their International with the Scottish and Irish police.


In Cleethorpes 2 new houses had been erected, and 8 were in the process of being built. It was also noted that at the Cleethorpes Divisional Headquarters, erection of additional offices etc in conjunction with a new courthouse at Cleethorpes.


It was noted that a total of 4,436 reports of alleged crimes were committed in the Lindsey district in 1949 and the percentage detected was 52.4. Of the 1,269 bicycles reported stolen during the year, no less than 840 were subsequently found abandoned, in circumstances indicating that no crime had been committed, and were returned to the owners without any charge being preferred against the unauthorised takers. Of the 177 motor vehicles and motor cycles stolen or taken without the consent of the owner during the year, all but one motor car and 2 motor cycles were recovered.

Thirty nine persons, 21 of whom were females attempted to commit suicide compared with 37 in 1948.

Non-Indictable Offences – 12,772 offences were committed during 1949 as detailed in the table.

Offences against the person have risen considerably, this past year’s figures of 236, the highest ever recorded in the history of the force. The analysis is as follows: Murder x 3; Attempted Murder x 4; Manslaughter x 1; Malicious Wounding x 43; Abortion x 2; Rape and attempts to commit rape x 9; Bestiality x 1; Incest x 5; Unlawful carnal knowledge x 24; Bigamy x 7; Indecent Assaults on females x 101; (of them 101 indecent assaults on females 88 of the victims were under the age of 16, 61 being girls under 10 years of age); Gross Indecency and assaults (males x 36).


In Cleethorpes there were a total of 549 accidents reported, 7 people were killed; 85 were seriously injured and 126 were slightly injured.

In the Lindsey Division there were 585 fully licenced premises for the sale of intoxicants; 133 x for consumption off the premises; 10 x Excise Licences; 127 x Registered Clubs; and 9 x Billiards Licences.

Plans for Brereton Avenue Police Box

The Street Pillar Telephone system in Cleethorpes continues to be the most efficient, and is enabling experiments to be made in connection with more effective methods of patrolling. The Lindsey Standing Joint Committee it was agreed to erect two police boxes at Cleethorpes.

The exceptionally fine weather attracted huge crowds every week throughout the season to Cleethorpes when it was estimated that 1,250,000 visited the resort during the summer. At the height of the season it was necessary to draft officers from other divisions.

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