As always with an undertaking like this, many people have been involved.  Thank you to everyone.

Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) for the original concept, for setting up and running the project and for managing the process.

Big Lottery Heritage Community Fund for providing the funding for the entire project.

The Blue Lights Brigade programme (run by VANEL) who found us the volunteers to both do our research and to spread what we’ve learned through their own networks.

Steve Lynn who led the project.

Doreen M Tyson for being a tenacious historical researcher on behalf of the project and compiling the majority of this publication.

Staff at VANEL involved in website development, promotional work, administration, management and more.

Nigel Lewis for licencing us the great watercolour painting of Cleethorpes Police Station which we’re able to offer through our website and the project. And to Arthur Watson for actually painting the original.

All police officers and local residents who have contributed their thoughts, memories and stories to the project as we’ve done our research.

The Old Nick Police Museum in Gainsborough for connecting with our project and providing a ‘final resting place’ for some of our materials and memorabilia.

Other local partner organisations who have supported the project during its delivery and follow up.

Words, information and photographs have been gathered from a great variety of sources including:
The British Library Newspaper Library
Census Returns
North East Lincolnshire Central Library and Archives
Lincolnshire Constabulary Annual Report 1949
PC2029 Caroline Cameron (some of our photographs)

Copyright may belong to many sources and we have acknowledged this where we can.  We apologise if we have missed you out in our acknowledgements.

And of course, all the men and women in the Police Force past, present and future who have worked to support and protect the community of Cleethorpes.

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