Whenever a settlement gets large enough, there has been a need for policing to tackle crime and disorder and support the community. In Cleethorpes we can go all the way back to 1790 to find our first evidence of community policing.

As this website goes live in early 2019 the last remaining physical Police Station in Cleethorpes has closed its doors and is getting ready for a new (and unknown) future. Policing has changed, and policing across Cleethorpes is now very different to how it was decades or longer ago.

The Cleethorpes Community Cops project was setup initially from a idea by Steve Lynn, a former Police Officer familiar with Cleethorpes and with an interest in the historical evolution of policing. With thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund we’ve managed to create a historical research project looking back at the history of policing in Cleethorpes.

Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) managed and delivered the project but we needed help with this. So working with local volunteers, local history experts and ex-police officers we’ve done the historical research and this website is the end result. We’ve collected together everything we’ve learned and it’s shared here for your interest.

Cleethorpes is not a big town and through our investigations we think we’ve uncovered most of what can be learned about the police, policing and crime and disorder in Cleethorpes over the years. But of course you may know different. Perhaps you’ve been part of the policing of the town in the past? Whilst the project itself is now complete and our research has been published, we can always find room for more on this website. So if you have something to share (a story, news clipping, photographs or more) then please tell us.

We hope that all those currently policing Cleethorpes on our behalf will also find something of interest. How was policing and crime different in the past? What has stayed the same? Is there anything we can learn?

Otherwise please explore the website to find out about Cleethorpes Community Cops. You can download parts of the research here or, if you’ve got a connection or interest, then you may be interested in some of the merchandising we have available here.

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