The New Police House


The 'Police House' was eventually built in 1872 near to the Railway Station and originally consisted of two cells, an exercise yard and a guard room, as well as accommodation for the Inspector and family. The actual Police House fronted in the new Station-road, and the rear of the premises backed onto Grant Street. The property still stands to-day, the house is now a private dwelling. In 1901 a charge room and two new cells were added. In the early days Edward Welbourne was the sergeant and he had four constables under him.

In July 1878 (Extract from a meeting of the Lindsey Quarter Sessions). A report from a committee of Magistrates was read, showing that in the Town Hall, branch lock-up, County Police Station and Cleethorpes station 48 prisoners could be incarcerated, that the Town Council would permit the use of the Town Hall for the use of Quarter Sessions and afford every facility they can.

The Police House is on the right taken in Grant Street c. 1930

Plans showing the proposed additional works to the Police House

In April 1901The Surveyor reported that the contract price for the additions now being made to the Cleethorpes Police House was £1,180 and it was agreed that £300 be advanced in addition to the amount already advanced.

The Plans showing the proposed additional works to the Police House were drawn up by James Thropp, the County Surveyor at Lincoln on 13th February 1901


Agreements were entered into for securing telephonic communications between the County Police Station at Grimsby, the Cleethorpes Police House and the Grimsby Telephone Exchange, the charge for the Brighowgate connection being £10 per annum and the Cleethorpes exchange £8-10s. Having regard to the amounts paid at Lincoln and elsewhere, the committee thought it excessive, but Mr. Scorer now mentioned he had made enquiries, and found those were the customary rates at Grimsby.

In July 1908, Mr. Kennie, the weights and measures inspector reported that he had received from the Chief Constable, through the Superintendant of Police at Grimsby, an intimation that the Police Buildings at Cleethorpes should be kept exclusively for police purposes and that accommodation for weights and measures business must be found elsewhere, also that for some years he had experienced great difficulty in obtaining a suitable place in Cleethorpes for stamping and adjusting purposes. A sub-committee was appointed to report on the matter.

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