"Man's Crimes are his worst enemies, following like shadows, till they drive his steps into the pit he dug".

The word ‘Petty’ is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as being something that is unimportant; trivial; little-minded; minor or inferior. Petty crime covered a wide range of offences, the most common being drunkenness & assault; (these two accounted for about half of all the cases brought before the magistrates); begging and vagrancy; theft; causing a public nuisance; bastardy and removal orders; absconding or refusing to obey lawful orders; wilful damage, dangerous driving; having unjust weights; and, because of its location as a seaside resort there were a lot of cases of cruelty to animals especially the donkeys.

Drink related cases came under several headings: they were either ‘drunk’ ‘drunk and riotous’ ‘ drunk and incapable’ ‘drunk and disorderly’ or ‘drunk and uproarious’.

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