HumberWatch started up in 2017 when Humberside Police created the new Humber Watch Association for local neighbourhood watch groups to come together.

Humber Watch includes all the organisations that support Neighbourhood Watch Groups in whole of the Humberside Police area. This will allow each organisation – in Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire (NEL) – to come together in sharing good practice; developing a collective approach to addressing issues affecting local Neighbourhood Watch Groups; improving possible access to funding and developing long term strategies to increase wider community participation across the region.

HumberWatch aims to:

– develop more effective working partnerships with the statutory agencies and other parties enabling communities to be safe and feel safe.

– act as an advisory body and share best practice on matters affecting NHW and residents across the whole Humber region.

Currently Steve Lynn, our Blue Lights Brigade lead chairs Humber Watch, and a couple of meetings have taken place since the group was established.

VANEL supports Humber Watch by hosting its webpage (at

Humber Watch and Blue Lights Brigade

Maybe you are connected to a Neighbourhood Watch group but would like other opportunities to do volunteering around community safety or community resilience? In which case we’d like to talk to you.

Perhaps you’re part of a Neighbourhood Watch group and are ex-emergency services (or ex-miltary) and therefore fit well with the ethos of Blue Lights Brigade.

Otherwise Humber Watch and Neighbourhood Watch groups connect closely with BLB as we’re all on the same agenda and we’d love to have a conversation with you.  Please do get in touch.