As the Young Leaders Network evolves, its members are likely to make their own decisions as to what needs to be discussed at meetings and online and what training is needed.  But there are a number of key themes that we’ve introduced from the outset that seem relevant and appropriate.

Each theme is a mini training session and can be covered at a Young Leaders Networking meeting and will also form the basis of an online discussion on the forum.  Others will be introduced and created as the network evolves.

For now, in no particular order, our themes are:

New to the sector? What is the voluntary sector all about

New to the role? The roles and responsibilities of trustees

Board mechanics – how meetings work

Wearing your Scrutiny hat (one of the 5 s’s of governance)

Wearing your Strategy hat

Wearing your Stewardship hat

Wearing your Support hat

Wearing your Stretch hat

Being an advocate for an organisation or cause

Being a well-behaved trustee

Conflicts and challenge

Keeping informed

Boards and Technology

Financial understanding

How good is your governance?

Understanding the role of the Chair

Governance, Leadership or Operational – what is your role?

Growing into the role

What is your impact?

What does good leadership look like?

A fair board

Better recruitment

Risk and Failure management

Project Management Primer

Fitting into the world – understanding the impact of external factors

Leadership workshop

In addition, every few months we are planning to hold “mock board meetings” as training sessions.