The Social Network

Whilst meeting face-to-face in regular meetings is a great way to learn from each other, these can only happen occasionally and not everyone will be able to attend.

So an online discussion space is our way to encourage communication and learning 24/7.

We’ve created a private, VANEL managed, online social network at for interested people to discuss anything and everything related to governance and leadership.

Access to the social network is by application only so that we can ensure that discussions can be fairly free and open without risk of ‘noise’ or ‘off topic’ conversations.

The network has been created as part of our Young Leaders project and will evolve and grow through our Youth Leadership programme, but, although its focus is on the development of young leaders and trustees, any (i.e. older) trustees, committee members or those interested in governance are entitled to get online too.  After all every trustee has the potential to learn something from someone else.

How to get involved

Access to the social network can be made via other existing social networks too.  So if you already are on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Instagram then you can register/login to our network using your existing account. (No need to create yet another login/password combination.)  If you’re not socially signed up already then you can register for a network account separately instead.

When you request access to the site your application will need to be assessed and approved by us/VANEL first before you can get online.  That’s our way of ensuring we know who is getting involved.

What’s online?

We hope that people will share their experiences – good or bad.

We expect people to ask questions – nothing is too simple or complex.

We expect people to answer questions, add their opinions and thoughts and evolve discussions that are useful.

We expect more experienced leaders and trustees to help advise and guide those seeking support.

VANEL staff will also moderate and contribute to the discussions.  We’ll help conversations along, share our own ideas and resources and expertise and draw out learning (we hope).

Each of the themes and topics we’re addressing in the face to face meetings will be carried over into the digital realm so that conversations can continue and grow.

It’s a place for sharing and learning together.

Visit the site now or contact us if you need more information or support.