Aged 30+

In general, charity trustees, company directors and even community group committee members tend to be ‘older’ – with a national average age of a charity trustee being 55 years old.

Clearly our “Young Leader” initiative is targeted at people below the age of 30 (or younger still).

However if you are 30+ and in a leadership role yourself – perhaps as a director, trustee, committee member, school governor, project manager, senior manager etc then your skills could be invaluable in helping the younger generation and passing these skills on.

If you are interested in sharing these skills then you are welcome to attend meetings of our “Young Leaders Network” in the capacity as a “supporter”.  You can help answer questions and share advice and ideas with the younger participants.

We have an online social network too where the young people will discuss ideas and issues. If you would like to go online and join in these discussions too as a supporter then that would help us too.

Perhaps you can work inside your own organisation to encourage bringing younger people on board? Do you have vacancies on the board/committee that a younger person could fulfill?  In which case, talk to us about recruitment support.

Do you have projects that need project managers or leaders that a young person could get involved with?  Let us know.

And if you already have young people in your organisation – could you mentor them in those roles sharing your experience to help them develop?

If any of these approaches seem appropriate and you’d like to participate, then please contact us.