The SVA Journey

It is normal to begin assessment with SVA level 1 before progressing to SVA level 2.  Level 2 may be done immediately following and SVA 1 assessment or can be done later depending upon the needs of the organisation.

The journey towards both levels of the Supporting Volunteers Award is designed to be a simple and straightforward process, and comprises of 5 key steps:

Step 1 – Registration

Complete the SVA registration form to commit to achieving the Level 1 award. Register by contacting VANEL. Registration can be completed in paper format or electronically.

On receipt of your completed registration form your organisation will be invoiced with the relevant SVA Level 1 fee, and subsequently for the Level 2 Award (see pricing information here.)

Step 2 – Self-assessment

The SVA Assessment team within VANEL will offer advice and guidance to organisations undertaking either level of the Supporting Volunteers Award. Organisations will be required to complete a simple form which will allow you to evidence of how you meet each standard.

For example at Level 1 there are 14 standards to assess against and, you will need to be able to provide a copy of a Volunteer Role Description in order to meet Standard 5 of the Level 1 Award.

Step 3 – SVA Assessment

The VANEL SVA Assessment Team will assess the evidence you provide for each standard of the Level 1 Award to agree compliance.

SVA assessment at Level 2 will include direct contact with volunteers and stakeholders within your service to confirm compliance with individual standards.

Step 4 – Feedback

You will receive a summary of findings, results and outcomes of your assessment. At both levels, any standard not fully met will be rated RED or AMBER (see below). Standards fully met will be assessed as GREEN. Support will be provided by the VANEL SVA Assessment Team to enable organisations to achieve the standard through provision of good practice information, templates and training opportunities. As soon as each standard has been evidenced, you will be ready to receive your award and begin working towards the next level of the Supporting Volunteers Award.

Step 5 – Accreditation

On achievement of each level of the Supporting Volunteers Award, your organisation will be presented with a certificate of achievement and electronic SVA logo which we hope you will proudly display.

The Assessment Process

After registering for the Supporting Volunteers Award you will begin to collect pieces of evidence for each standard of the Awards. This is the self assessment step of the process.

You will receive a comprehensive list of acceptable evidence which will help you to identify whether you fully meet each standard or if you have gaps that need addressing. You can use the RED / AMBER / GREEN self assessment system to review your evidence and identify any actions that need to be undertaken to fully achieve each standard.

It is advisable to make a list of what you need to do, who will do it, and when it needs to be done by. Could you involve your volunteers in collecting evidence? If you involve them at the earliest stage your volunteers will understand what you are trying to achieve and may have some great ideas of how you can address any gaps.

 If you have any problems you can contact the VANEL SVA Assessment Team for advice, guidance and further information. We are here to help.

Download all this information in our guidance document.