SVA Pricing

Schedule of charges

What do you get for your money?

When you decide to work towards the Supporting Volunteers Award you will receive the following:

  • SVA Information Pack, which includes:

    • SVA Registration form

    • Guidance Document

    • Self-Assessment Template ( Level 1 / 2)

  • VANEL SVA Team support – initial meeting or telephone discussion; ongoing support via email, meetings or telephone

  • Provision of good practice documents and templates

  • SVA Assessment including electronic assessment, verbal discussion, focus groups, on site meetings.

  • Feedback Report

  • Re-Assessment if conditions are identified

  • Provision of good practice information updates, such as changes to legislation, new practice etc.

  • CERTIFICATE and electronic SVA logo – Level 1 and 2 on completion of each level of the SVA

  • Information advertising your achievement of the SVA standards on the VANEL website

SVA Pricing

 SVA Level 1SVA Level 2
*VCS Volunteer Centre Development Service Subscribers£75£115
Statutory Volunteer Centre Development Service Subscribers£125£165
Non Volunteer Centre Development Service Subscribers£150£200
*VCS – Voluntary and Community Sector