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Blue Lights Brigade (BLB) is a network of like minded and similarly skilled people who are supported along their own personal volunteering journeys. Signing up to BLB can be on your own terms – you do as much or as little as you can offer.

Cut to the chase by heading to our SIGNUP FORM here, or keep reading.

But we are looking for people with the right backgrounds.

So you are probably retired (doesn’t matter if it’s recently or long, long ago) or you’re getting close to retirement and are exploring ideas as to what to do next.

You will be from an ex-emergency services background or an interest member of the community, which could mean ex and retired members from the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Paramedic or Military or a member of the community who will have knowledge of their community and the vulnerable within it.

However, if you’re trained or have worked in emergency support previously then BLB might still mean you.  Perhaps you’ve been in charge of emergency safety on a site for example?

But although these are core professions, it might be that you’re keen on community safety even if you’re not strictly ex-emergency services.  Neighbourhood Watch? RNLI? Senior role in first aid??  We’d still like to hear from you.

Getting involved

First have a conversation with one of the team – Steve Jones or Lucy Talbot – or even have a chat to another one of our BLB volunteers.

Signing up to BLB means we’re bringing you into our Network – so you can keep in touch with what we’re up to, learn about volunteering opportunities, find out about training, and generally keep in touch with others from a background similar to yours.

But beyond that, the commitment you give is up to you.  Perhaps you’ll volunteer to come along to one of our RiverClean tidy up events, or help at one of our public events, attend a meeting for us or marshall a public event?

Or maybe you’ll find a volunteering opportunity somewhere that you like – we can help you find a role or support you as you take up the role.

But there are also our core, Blue Lights Brigade programme community safety and resilience roles that we’d like you to participate in (if you’re interested).  We have a team doing Safe and Well checks on behalf of Humberside Fire and Rescue.  We have other volunteers connecting closely with Neighbourhood Watch groups or HumberWatch.  There can be roles helping charities and community groups build up their own resilience, continuity plans or local emergency plans.  And then we have a core group of volunteers joining our CERT programme (Community Emergency Resilience Team) which is all about getting ready for and being ready to respond to emergencies in the community to support the uniformed services when disaster strikes.

Below are some images of a recent training session, where members of the CERT teams received training so that they can teach young people how to provide basic life support skills, such as CPR, use of an AED and putting some one in the recovery position. The teams will be providing this training at the various community events we are attending dueing 2019.

Get in touch

Whatever level you want to participate in, please start by getting in touch!

The signup form is online here. Fill it in now!

Contact retired police officer Steve Jones at Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) who is leading this new initiative.

Contact Steve to share your ideas and find out what we can offer that interests you!


phone 01472 245510 (answer phone message in operation most of the time – we will get back to you)

A leaflet explaining about the project and how to connect can be downloaded here.